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Private & Secure Wi-Fi Anywhere You Go with Keezel

People today have a constant need to be connected to the internet. We have come to expect internet access no matter where we are; which includes bars, cafes, gyms, subways, etc. To meet this insatiable need, public wi-fi was born. Most places of business have a wi-fi connection you can hop on for instant access …

Your On-The-Go Savior: Mobile Hotspots

At Wifi Map we give you access to thousands of connections around the world, but sometimes you need a constant connection not matter where you are, and that’s where mobile hotspots come in.   Mobile hotspots allow you to bring WiFi with you on vacation, at remote client meetings, in a taxi and wherever else your heart …

The 101 on Mesh Wi-Fi

Mesh routers were developed originally for huge buildings or offices where a connection was needed throughout, but in recent years people have been using them to upgrade their network at home. If your house has dead areas where you can’t get a good signal or have a connection that drops frequently, a mesh router can …

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