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10 Cities Worldwide with the Slowest Internet Speeds

Even though we have come to expect reliable internet wherever we go, there are plenty of cities that still lack the fast speeds we have grown accustomed to. We previously wrote a post on the Top 10 Cities with the Fastest Internet, with Fresno California reigning in at number one at 104 MBPS. For comparison, …

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Airport Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become a standard in airports worldwide. When you are traveling you expect to be able to access free Wi-Fi at any airport, but the quality is usually lacking. For people who are traveling while on business, Wi-Fi speed can put a damper on productivity, and for leisure travelers suffering long delays, Wi-Fi speeds …

Wi-Fi Through the Years

Many of us can’t imagine our lives without Wi-Fi. It has become so embedded in society and our way of life that it is hard to remember what life was like before it existed. The Wi-Fi Alliancestates that with 71% of mobile communications via wireless internet, Wi-Fi is now the biggest transmitter of communications around …

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