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The Inside Scoop on 5G

By now, most of us have heard of 5G. The new mobile network is currently being developed and is meant to transform the tech industry, but what exactly is it and why is it considered revolutionary technology?

What is 5G?

We are all used to 4G as the fastest mobile internet connection offered currently, but a 5G network will soon be taking its place. Once implemented, 5G will have the fastest internet speeds and most reliable connections for mobile and other devices. 4G has been unable to keep up with the demand of the myriad of devices people now have, meaning that when several devices are connected at once, the connection suffers. 5G is meant to tackle that problem and allow for multiple device connectivity at increased speeds.

What is the difference between 4G and 5G?

5G will connect our world and devices unlike ever before. In terms of speed, 5G is expected to be 20 times faster than 4G networks. For most of us who are used to downloading a movie in a matter of minutes, you can be downloading 20 of them in the same timeframe using 5G.

In order to support these increased speeds and reliability, 5G uses much higher radio frequencies at 30GHz to 300GHz, while 4G frequencies are lower than 6GHz. The huge difference is what gives 5G the capacity to handle so many devices at instant speeds.

Another difference between the two is that 5G is able to use smaller antennas, due to shorter wavelengths. An article on Lifewire explains, “5G also uses shorter wavelengths, which means that antennas can be much smaller than existing antennas while still providing precise directional control. Since one base station can utilize even more directional antennas, it means that 5G will support over 1,000 more devices per meter than what’s supported by 4G.”

When can we expect it to launch?

5G is currently in the development process and we can expect it to launch worldwide by 2020. According to Tom’s Guide, the 5G standard was finished in June and now network operators are working on implementing the new software using compliant equipment. The first use of 5G is likely to be seen in mobile hotspots as soon as the end of this year.

5G creates greater possibilities for the tech industry than ever before. The increased capacity for transferring data allows the opportunity for self-driving cars, wearable technology, smart traffic lights and much more. It will spark a new era of technology where mobile devices will no longer be our main priority.

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