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At WiFi Map, our mission is to build the first WEB3 global connectivity companion, uniting a 150 million-strong community and creating a network of shared resources. Each update brings us a step closer to realizing this ambition, and your insights and ideas are invaluable to us. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions at support@wifimap.io, or directly via our in-app Live Support.




Refreshed Onboarding

We've upgraded our onboarding process! New users can now enjoy a more engaging and informative introduction to the WiFi Map universe. We've made it even easier to get started, learn about our product, and dive into the full WiFi Map experience!

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Street View Integration

Dive into 360-degree panoramas of various locations with the Street View feature! Explore streets virtually or chart out routes using recognizable landmarks, offering you an immersive navigation experience.

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Enhanced Announcements Block

Our announcements block has undergone a significant makeover. With its new interactive design, you can now gain better insights into the various promotions and app services tailored for you.


Expanded Location Suggestions

Step into a richer experience when adding or editing WiFi hotspots. Our integration with Apple Places now offers an extensive list of nearby locations for an even smoother process.

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Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes

As always, we've squashed some bugs and optimized the app's performance to ensure a smoother WiFi Map journey for you.

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At WiFi Map, our mission is to build the first WEB3 Community-powered Global Mobile Internet Provider, where every contributor helps reduce the cost of the network and make it more affordable.Read more