How to participate and get rewards?

Engaging with WiFi Map is more than just a WiFi connection. It invites you to the heart of a community that values mutual rewards and shared access. Delve deep into the world of active participation and explore the numerous ways you can earn and benefit.


Main WiFi Map activities

Your participation in WiFi Map can take various forms:


1. Adding WiFi hotspots

2. Connecting to WiFi hotspots

3. Updating and healing WiFi hotspots

4. Conducting speed tests

5. Inviting friends through the referral program

6. Sending and receiving tips for adding valuable WiFi hotspots

Every action you take enriches the WiFi Map experience.


Participate, earn, and redeem

When you actively participate in the WiFi Map community, we recognize and reward your efforts with our utility $WIFI tokens. You receive these tokens through Airdrops, and they are immediately available for use within the WiFi Map app once you've earned your first set.


Here are some ways to utilize your $WIFI tokens:


1. Redeem for services: Use tokens to purchase Global eSIM data packages and get a 15% cashback.

2. Partial payment: Apply your $WIFI tokens towards eSIM package costs to save money.

3. Say thanks with tips: Send $WIFI as a token of appreciation to those who share valuable WiFi hotspots on our platform.


Contribute and get rewards

Beyond the $WIFI tokens, there is another way to benefit: earn points. The accumulation of these points can give you:


1. Premium features: Say goodbye to ads, and hello to unlimited offline maps and more.

2. High Leaderboard position: Ascend in both local and global ranks.

3. Reputation rewards: Attain the status of Experienced Contributor along with the highest reputation award, the Trusted Contributor.



With every contribution, you earn more, elevating your position in the WiFi Map Leaderboard and amplifying your community status.



In the grand scheme of things, WiFi Map is more than just an app. It’s a pulsating community where every user, every hotspot, and every tip matters. Active participation doesn’t only enhance the community – it enriches your experience, loaded with rewards, recognition, and premium offerings. So, why wait? Dive in, contribute, and revel in the rewards!

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