$WIFI token FAQ

If you have any questions about the $WIFI token, you’ll find your answer here.

What can I do with the $WIFI token?

First of all, you are able to access the company's products and services with $WIFI.Read more

$WIFI wallet

The $WIFI wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to receive and manage airdrop rewards and tips sent from other users, as well as accessing premium WiFi Map features. Read more

$WIFI cashback

The $WIFI cashback reward system is designed to give users the opportunity to save money on premium WiFi Map services. When a user purchases an eSIM using $WIFI tokens, they will receive a $WIFI token allocation worth 15% of the eSIM data package within 5 days (3% when purchasing with USD).Read more

$WIFI withdrawals

If you received $WIFI through an airdrop, the tipping feature or referral program you can withdraw them from the in-app wallet to other wallets and exchanges.Read more

How to send $WIFI to your WiFi Map in-app wallet

What you'll learn - Find your $WIFI deposit address in the WiFi Map App. - Send $WIFI from your Metamask to the in-app $WIFI wallet.Read more