Understanding Blocked WiFi Hotspots

At WiFi Map, we strive to offer a consistent, reliable, and user-friendly experience. To maintain the integrity of our service and ensure users receive genuine internet connections, our system automatically blocks certain types of WiFi hotspots. Here, we'll dive into the specifics of which WiFi points are blocked and why.

Types of WiFi Hotspots We Block:

1. Non-Internet Devices: Devices like printers, air conditioners, and other electronics that don't provide actual internet access.
2. Personal Hotspots: Connections shared from mobile phones. These are often temporary and not always reliable for other users.
3. Non-Stationary WiFi: Hotspots found in moving vehicles like buses, trains, and other public transportation, which can't provide a stable connection.
4. Restricted Official Networks: Private hotspots from government facilities, police stations, and other exclusive establishments. Access to these networks is typically restricted to a particular group, making them inappropriate for public sharing.
5. Inappropriate Naming: WiFi names containing offensive or vulgar language are blocked to maintain a family-friendly environment.
6. Wireless Infrastructures: WiFi hotspots that belong to vast wireless infrastructures covering substantial areas—from neighborhoods to entire cities. As many of these networks require payment or have restricted access, they don't align with our goal of freely accessible internet.
7. Other Poor-Quality Hotspots: These can be networks without internet access, with incorrect passwords or inaccurate information, and more.


NOTE: By adding such access points to the map, you won't be awarded leaderboard points or airdrop tokens. Should you repeatedly submit such hotspots, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account in order to uphold the quality of our platform.


If you're confident that your hotspot met all our criteria but was blocked, please reach out to our support team via Live Support or at support@wifimap.io. We value your contribution and will ensure the matter is investigated and resolved appropriately.

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