WiFi Map app

If you have any questions about WiFi Map account and subscription, you’ll find your answer here.

How to connect to a WiFi hotspot

WiFi Map app provides you with detail information about public and private WiFi hotspots that have been added by members of WiFi Map community.Read more

How to update WiFi info

All proposed changes for WiFi should be done via the "Report a problem" feature. Read more

How to heal WiFi hotspot?

Your contribution to improving WiFi health helps millions of people get FREE Internet access.Read more

How to delete a WiFi hotspot

Please contact our support team via Live Support or at support@wifimap.io and send a screenshot of the WiFi hotspot you want to be deleted.Read more

Why are there no WiFi hotspots nearby?

WiFi Map is an app where people from all over the world voluntarily share information about available WiFi locations to help each other quickly find FREE internet access. Read more

Why isn't my neighbor's WiFi in the app?

WiFi Map is not supposed to detect WiFi hotspots. The app shows you information about public and private WiFI locations that have been added by WiFi Map community. Read more

How to find out the password of the connected WiFi?

WiFi Map is not supposed to reveal passwords.Read more

Why does the app show an incorrect WiFi password?

All WiFi information you see in the app has been provided by WiFi Map community.Read more

How to improve the WiFi health of the added hotspots?

Here you can find out the ways to improve the WiFi health of the added hotspots...Read more

Understanding "Gray" WiFi Hotspots

Navigating through our WiFi Map, you may occasionally come across gray pins. Wondering what they signify? Let's dive deep into understanding these pins and learn how you can breathe life into them. Read more

Understanding Blocked WiFi Hotspots

At WiFi Map, we strive to offer a consistent, reliable, and user-friendly experience. To maintain the integrity of our service and ensure users receive genuine internet connections, our system automatically blocks certain types of WiFi hotspots.Read more

More Info

We have developed a comprehensive algorithm in our system that analyzes activity within the WiFi Map community and calculates User’s reputation and WiFi health score.Read more

How to get free internet 2024?

Numerous public-serving establishments provide internet access via local WiFi networks. free WiFi is available at various venues such as hotels, medical offices, hospitals, campsites, and even roadside rest stops.Read more